Christian Life Coaching:

We work with you  to move forward in your Divine Purpose.  Coaching is action oriented.  You are given tools, which come in the form of worksheets, videos, feedback, and online meetings to help you with your transformation.  This is not a counseling service.  We do not deal with the past.  We start with the present and help you move forward.  We work with those who are healthy and ready to make a change in their life.  Working with a coach allows you to reach your goals faster.  You will be challenged and held accountable for your transformation.  You will receive exhortation, encouragement, and support.  You will receive strategies and suggestions where it's appropriate.  You decide how you will implement the guidance that you will receive in the coaching strategies and suggestions.

The Bible is the foundation of our Christian Lifestyle Coaching.   We coach in full agreement with the Bible. This allows the anointing of God to infiltrate the coaching sessions. This will help you to move to the next level.  We coach what is right for the client and also true to ourselves. We do not compromise with secular and new-age thought or principles.  We take the initiative to create a program that will help you pursue excellence in understanding that God has a plan for your life.

           If you are ready for your transformation, sign up for our Fresh Start for a Lifetime 
           Coaching program.  10 Sessions.  One time fee:  $99: 
                Fresh Step for a Lifetime - Divine Purpose with 12 Sessions

             THE GOOD LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  Transformation Program - Focus:  Get ready!
             This is a monthly membership.    $19.99 per month - First month:  $9.99     Sign up here!