You have a ministry which conveys a message with the spoken word!  There are individuals in your audience who are born hard of hearing or became hard of hearing in life due to an accident, medication, an operation, aging, etc.  They want to hear what you are saying, but they are not able to.  Let us help you!

On-site CART Services:  Provide access to the spoken word with a laptop computer for an individual to view or projected onto a screen for an audience.

Provide CART Captions for your audience through the internet or in person.  We can provide a link that can be accessed online and your participants can access it on their cell phone, computers, notebook computers, etc.



This is our website promoting our services for CART Captions. Click on our Contact page.

CART Captioner:  Teri C. Gibson

We have been in the business of capturing the spoken word since 1981 - over 35 years of experience!

See our captions on YouTube.  Click below: 

Gibson Realtime Advertisment about CART Captions.



Now that the event is over, you have a video but no captions for your Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.  Let us help you!  We can embed captions into your video!  You can then upload that video onto your website as a digital product, share with family and friends, use as a part of your ministry as a bonus product, etc.