First annual Marriage Celebration
Come to join us to Celebrate Marriage!

This is an event to present workshops and announce our ministry as Relationship Communication Coaches.  We are here to support you in your relationship.  With God on your side, you can stay together!  It's been said that it takes hard work to keep a relationship together!  Yes, it does, but you have to work with wisdom and understanding.  When couples are willing to stay together, they can create a beautiful marriage with some help. 

The Guest Speaker, Toni Mayers, presents on Periscope TV and Radio.  She is a Relationship Expert, Author & Entrepreneur.   She is the creator of "Wise Courtship."  She will speak to the engaged couples and married couples with dynamic presentations to help improve relationships.  Check out her website:  Wise Courtship

Organizers:  Elder Bruce Gibson and Minister Teri C. Gibson

Bruce and Teri Gibson have been married for
36 years!  They have learned that communication skills are needed in marriage and would like to help you!  You can find their training materials on the Gibson Skill Development and Training Center.